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Amazing - Gillian Gugel


  Name: Gillian Gugel

 Years at Camp with Position: 2013 – Camp Counselor.

Current City: Sheboygan, WI

Favorite Camp Memory: My favorite camp memories had to have been while I was on JH with ZuZu, Georgia, and ChaCho.  We had a servant event and they were crazy and young.  So, in order to have the staff bonding that is normally had on JH we had mini parties (Sigma even came to visit for a few of them).  We ate French Silk Pie and baked goods that my mom had sent in a care package.  It was an awesome week! I also learned that “The lake’s a lot bigger than the toilet!”.

How has camp influenced my life: My faith grew so much while I was at camp.  I felt that I was not only feeding my own faith but those of all of my campers. So, I felt like I put a lot more effort in to making sure my devotions were Scriptually sound.  Not only did my faith grow but I made some of the best friends ever! I am always telling stories about, “One time at camp….”


Bandana - Amber McKainName: Amber McKain

Years at Camp with Position: 2007-2009 – S.I.T.; 2012 – Camp Counselor

Current city: Oconomowoc, WI

Favorite camp memory: Seeing and meeting all of the JH campers from all the years.

How has camp influenced my life: That is a big question because camp helped me realize that everything in my life at that point was all okay. God knew the path for me and I just needed to follow it. It also helped me know that I want to work with special needs because they do not have disabilities but Abilities. I think if I never had the experiences I had at Camp I would not want to become a Missionary to kids and families that need help. Camp LuWiSoMo is amazing.   


Chelle - Michelle Wiersig

Name: Michelle Wiersig

Years at camp with position:  2002 – Camp Counselor & Canteen Manager

Current city: Holly, MI

Favorite camp memory: Steam rolling, mattress surfing, “learning” to sail.

How camp has influenced my life: Camp taught to worry less about others, lean on those you can trust, and know that you’re ok. Basically, don’t measure yourself against anyone other than your best self. 


Chief - Kurtis Bueltmann

Name: Kurtis Bueltmann

Years at camp with position: Executive Director 1996-2008 (12 yrs)

Current city: Monticello, IL

E-mail: Address

Favorite camp memory: Too many awesome memories to pick just one.

How camp has influenced my life: Outdoor ministry is one of my biggest passions, and LuWiSoMo is where all my kids call home. It’s also where I’ve met and worked with some of the most awesome people in world!


chopper -Hannah (Gurnett) Froehlich

Name: Hannah (Gurnett) Froehlich

Years at camp: 2000-2002 – Camp Counselor; 2003-2004 – Program Assistant; 2008-2009 – Program Director

Current city: Kansas City, MO

E-mail: Address

Favorite camp memory: there are many, but they all boil down to the peace I feel while there, whether staring at the stars with Sheesh or the lake with Butter, God’s presence is felt.

How camp has influenced my life: I have never met better people or been in an environment which fosters faith like camp. Some of my dearest friends, those who shaped who I am, came into my life here.



Clover - Nikki Epping

Name: Nikki Epping

Years at camp with position: 2009 – Stable Director; 2013-Stable Director

Current city: Plainfield, WI

Favorite camp memory: Oh Boy I have a lot. Some I guess would include staff rides and fun rides with my wranglers. Inside jokes of Purple, Peanut butter and Jelly along with bread!

How has camp influenced my life: Camp has given me the opportunity to look at life differently. Without the friends and “family” I have gained I wouldn’t have the strength to realize how much I was losing who I really am. I have the opportunity to have my dream job and love what I am doing.


coach - Eric Gerken

Name: Eric Gerken

Other Camp Name : Oops ( 1993-95)

Years at Camp with Position:  1993-1995 – Camp Counselor; 2000-2001 – Program Director

Current City: Fremont NE

Email: Address

Favorite Camp Memory: Meeting my wife Hugs (Brenda Haynes) at Keyhole campfire, Dare Base with Tex, HooRay and Junior, watching campers come back as JC’s, visiting schools to invite kids to camp with Bubba and Boy, PRAISE around the campfire and quiet time on Med Hill and in the chapel.

How has Camp influenced my life: It helped me make my faith a lifestyle, has given me life long relationships and helped me to see God everywhere. I am also am a much better DCE because of the skills developed and practiced at LuWiSoMo- leading Bible study, games, devotions, staff development, etc. I frequently mention camp stories when I lead worship or am a guest speaker at a Youth Gathering or event.


coco - Jodi Jabs

Name: Jodi Jabs

Years at camp with position: 2005 – Camp Counselor

Current city: Jordan, MN

Email: Address

Favorite camp memory: I took my campers swimming at 6:00 in the morning. We were jumping off the floating dock and one of my campers knocked my glasses off and they fell to the bottom of the lake. I told any camper if they found them, I would buy them canteen for the rest of the time they were there.  My second favorite memory was my bunny. He lived at camp that summer. My campers loved him and so did Jordan Bueltmann. Butterscotch lived out at the stables but would stay in the cabin whenever he could.

How camp has influenced my life: How hasn’t camp influenced my life. I think back to camp often and I know that it has changed me in ways I couldn’t even imagine.


Copy - Paige Resch

Name: Paige Resch

Years at camp with position: 2012 – Camp Counselor

Current city: Appleton, WI

Email: Address

Favorite camp memory: Getting splashed on those really hot, rainless days by JH campers. They may have thought they were teasing us and I love that we were able to make them smile, but I don’t think they realize just how much they were giving to us at the same time.

How camp has influenced my life: I had been to camps before, but working at one for an entire summer made me realize how fast I usually move in my day-to-day life and how I didn’t leave much time for myself and even less for God. My experiences at camp have helped me to enjoy the life and gift God has given me and to rejoice in it. 


Dixie - Amanda Bell

Name: Amanda Bell

Years at camp with position: 2004 – Camp Counselor

Current city:  Norfolk, NE

Favorite camp memory: I have a lot… I was a camper at Camp LuWiSoMo when I was younger and was so excited when I was hired to be a camp counselor in 2004. I remember being back at camp and still knowing where everything was. I will always remember the peacefulness on top of Med Hill and being able to see God at work at camp!

How has camp influenced my life: I spent many summers at camp when I was a kid and it always amazed me what I would learn about God there and His creation and then going back as a counselor I was so happy to be able to give that experience to the new generation of campers. Outdoor Ministry has always been a passion of mine and the peace I feel at any camp is because of my times at LuWiSoMo!



Name: Matt Dehn

Years at camp with position: 2002 – Head Wrangler

Current city:  Reedsburg, WI

E-mail: Address

Favorite camp memory: My favorite camp memory was a long time ago when I was a camper.  We were taking a break in our cabins, when we started to hear a thunderous noise that would not stop.  We quickly ran outside and started to look to the sky.  Clear, not a cloud!  All of a sudden a jet (later found out it was an A-10 out of Madison) ripped right over the tree tops over the cabins, rolled around in a circle, then flew straight up into the air for a very short while and proceeded on its way.  I wanted to be a pilot so bad from that point on and still to this day!

How has camp influenced my life: Going there every year from when I was in 2nd through 8th grade I had so many memories.  It has influenced me to not be afraid to meet new friends, sing out loud, have fun with life, and above all, put Christ in the center.  It has also influenced me to become a teacher.  Except now my students don’t always like it when I break out in camp songs randomly!  “Smile sweetly Susan so you send Satan sadly away. Hey Hey!”  See what I mean?  I can’t control it some times!


Dizzy - David Beardsley

Name: David Beardsley

Years at camp with position: 2006 – Camp Counselor

Current city:  Berlin, WI

Favorite camp memory: Learning to play guitar and play the camp songs and playing pirates on the canoes.

How has camp influenced my life: Really it was Kurtis who influenced me in a number of ways.  My faith grew so much at LuWiSoMo, not only as a camper but a counselor as well.  I loved meeting new kids and talking with my co-workers.  I had a blast and i miss it very much.


Forte - Tiffany Koenitzer

Name: Tiffany Koenitzer

Years at camp with position:  2006 – Camp Counselor; 2007 – Youth Camp Program Assistant

Current City:  Beloit, WI

Favorite Camp Memory: There are so many!!  Poison berries during Owl Camp, straw in the ear during China Bibles, Counselor Hunt in the dumpster with P-nut, Day Camps, Canteen Blowout, playing pranks on Kurtis with Zuzu and Colors, chicken head with Doc and Moon Dog, the 2007 men of LuWiSoMo calendar and Amazing Campfires are just a few!!!

How camp has influenced my life:  My summers at camp were the best summers of my life!!!  They helped strengthen my faith, gave me experience outside the classroom with kids and made life long friendships.


Froggie - Anna Jacob

Name:  Anna Jacob

Years at camp with position: 2000-2002 – Junior Wrangler; 2003 – Wrangler; 2007 – Assistant Horse Stable Director

Current city: St. Louis, MO

E-mail: Address

Favorite camp memories:  Celebrating my Birthday with some of the JH campers, bareback horseback ride for the group from Honduras, saddling Taco, hogtying Boy, being a guard with Bubba during R&C, looking for Barnabas during Mong weekend, sleeping at the beach during high school week, and taking the Tindall Family on a trail ride.

How camp has influenced my life: Camp gave me the opportunity to connect with people, nature and most importantly God. The many summers spent there allowed me to grow as an individual: gaining skills, building self-confidence, and strengthening my faith.



Giggles - Liz Roesch

Name: Liz Roesch

Years at camp with position: 2005 – Camp Counselor

Current city: Milwaukee, WI

Favorite camp memory: Star gazing at the bog, GI Jesus, and trying to figure out what the random DBLB bracelets meant that were being sold in the canteen. Finally we decided on “Bob wasn’t a Christian. Don’t Burn Like Bob.” Later on we found out it actually meant Don’t Be Left Behind, but I like our interpretation better :).

How camp has influenced my life:  I consider camp my happy place. I feel closest to God there. It is also a place where no matter how long I haven’t seen people,I still have friends there. We just pick up where we left off.  I often think of the joyful hearts program and just can’t help but smile at all the awesome experiences I’ve encountered:)  I have also made sure that all my nieces and nephews have the same positive experiences.  My family is now on our 3rd generation of campers there and I hope to continue the LuWiSoMo tradition with my child ASAP! A world without LuWiSoMo is a sad world indeed!

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