Volunteer Summer

Pastor of the Week Program

Do you want to spend a week at camp with your family this summer? Then we have a great opportunity for you with our Pastor of the Week program! Click here for more information.

Contact Matt Kohler ([email protected]) for availability.

Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T.) and Junior Wrangler (J.W.) Programs

Our Counselor-in-Training (C.I.T.) and Junior Wrangler (J.W.) programs are for training our high school students who want to become leaders at camp and in their schools and communities. Those who go through the program will learn the ins and outs of camp as well as the skills to become an effective leader.  Please visit our summer camp page for more information by clicking here.

High School Servant Opportunities

Working for a Servant Event is a great serving opportunity for churches and youth groups to help camp ministry. We have two special programs: Helping Hearts and Helping Hands.  Helping Hearts is designed for youth who have completed 9th grade and above to work with our Joyful Hearts Campers. They help provide individuals with disabilities the opportunity to experience camp in a Christ-centered environment. Helping Hands is designed for youth who have completed 9th grade and above to complete work projects around camp. Projects may include picking up wood, raking, painting, or other projects as needed.  It is a great opportunity for youth groups to serve in a unique way and grow in faith together.  The cost is $175 a week (Sunday after lunch until Friday after breakfast) which includes programming, meals, and lodging.

Contact Matt Kohler ([email protected]) for registration forms and availability.


Counselor and Staff positions are available through NLOMA. Thank you!

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