Kid’s Christmas

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What is Kid’s Christmas?

Kid’s Christmas is designed to give children grades 1-8 an opportunity to take time out of their busy December schedules to focus on the greatest gift ever given – Jesus Christ.  By providing a chance for children to focus on the real meaning of Christmas, while also enjoying outdoor activities in the snow, we hope to reinforce the message of God’s love.

When does Kid’s Christmas take place?

Kid’s Christmas starts at 6:00 pm on December 2nd and ends at 11:00 am on December 4th.

What is the cost for the weekend?

The cost is $99 and includes housing, programming, and four meals (three meals Saturday, breakfast on Sunday).

What is the theme for Kid’s Christmas?

Our Kid’s Christmas theme is “God’s Sidekicks.”  This winter we will look at the people who help heroes to be all that they can be.  Be sure to bring your Bible and your thinking camps so we can really experience God’s Word and his promises to us.  If you have ice skates, snow shoes, or cross country skis, bring them along (as long as we have snow and/or cold weather for these activities).

What do I bring?

Be sure to pack warm clothes (we will be playing outside!), comfy p.j.s, and a cozy sleeping bag or sheets and blanket.  Boots for outside are a good idea, or a second pair of shoes in case one pair gets wet.  Be sure to also bring items for showering and a toothbrush with toothpaste.

What else will we be doing during the weekend?

On Friday we will be decorating the Big Room for Christmas and sing some Christmas and camp songs along with some hot beverages.  Saturday will bring a day of games, cookie decorating, arts & crafts, time in the snow, a BIG campfire, Bible studies, singing, and a surprise activity.  We will finish Sunday with cleaning up, some worship, and a closing program before campers depart.  Outdoor activities will be dependent on weather conditions.

Anything else I should know?

Registration will begin at 6:00 pm on December 2nd in the Dining Hall lobby.  Campers will be assigned to a counselor for the duration of the weekend.  It is recommended that children in first and second grades have previous camping experience at LuWiSoMo.  Please note that lunch is not served on Sunday.  Please contact Heather Gartzke ([email protected]) with any questions, or Pam Klett ([email protected]) for help with registration.


We hope to see you this winter!!


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