Wish List

Help with funding (all or partial) for items on our wish list. See bottom of the page for payment details. Please contact us if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for partnering in this ministry with your financial support! The faithful and generous gifts of our Ministry Partners enable Camp LuWiSoMo to continue its mission of providing faith-growing opportunities for people of all ages, in a Christ-centered outdoor ministry setting.


Maintenance / General 

Wood Splitter – $1,000
Retreat Center Door Locks – $500
Dump Trailer – $5,000


Bunk House Renovation

We’re renovating this building for use by staff during summer camp and retreat groups during the rest of the year. It has a bunk loft and 4 additional bunk rooms, lower level gathering area and two bathrooms. Thank you for all the gifts to date that have helped us complete most of the interior renovations!

Here are some of the remaining items. All of any partial amount is appreciated!

New Bunk Beds – $1,200
Exterior Landscape & Parking Area Restoration – $2,500
Replace Exterior Siding, Doors & Fire Escape $45,000



Payment Options

Make check payable to “Camp LuWiSoMo”. Include a note indicating which item(s) you are funding, and mail to:

Camp LuWiSoMo
W5421 Aspen Road
Wild Rose, Wisconsin 54984

Credit/Debit Card
You can donate online or contact us and we can assist in processing the payment.
If you donate online, please also email or call to let us know which item(s) you are funding.