Work Weekends

crop work weekendWork weekends are important for LuWiSoMo and many volunteers are needed to help with a wide variety of projects. We have jobs for all ages and abilities! Individuals, families, church small groups and youth groups welcome!

To those who have volunteered before and you who return each Work Weekend, we can never thank you enough! To those considering volunteering for the first time, welcome!

You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy God’s wonderful creation, the fellowship of working side by side with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and satisfaction of a job well done.

Lodging and meals provided.  Please consider supporting LuWiSoMo through service. Come for the day or the whole weekend.

Our project list for each Work Weekend varies, but include things such as getting LuWiSoMo ready for summer or closing up for winter, indoor and outdoor cleaning projects, cutting, splitting and stacking firewood, and more.

Contact camp to learn more.

Are you a Thrivent Member? Contact us to see how you can help by sponsoring a Thrivent Action Team.


Upcoming Work Weekends

Fall 2021
We’re not holding our traditional Work Weekend this Fall. Rather, we’re setting up “Work Days” or “Work Projects” for individuals and smaller family or church groups during September & October to help with the projects indicated below. Please contact us if you’re interested in helping out!
 – Moving & Stacking Wood
 – Splitting Wood
 – Window Washing

Spring 2022 – TBA