Financial Support

We believe camp ministry provides a special experience for young people to grow in their faith and it is our desire to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to come to camp, no matter their financial situation.

We realize that camp is expensive, and while these registration fees are necessary to keep camp running, we don’t want this to prohibit someone from attending. Thanks to the generous donations of ministry partners who share this belief, we’re blessed to be able to offer financial support to families who would otherwise find the cost of camp prohibitive.

Before applying to LuWiSoMo for assistance, we ask that you check with your congregation regarding any support they may be able to offer. Many congregations share our belief and desire for everyone to have the opportunity to come to camp and have funds established to provide support for those needing some help to make this happen.

LuWiSoMo strives to be a faithful steward of the gifts given for financial support to be able to bless the greatest number of campers who would otherwise be unable to attend camp. With this in mind, we ask that you prayerfully consider the amount of support your family needs, typically up to half of the registration fee.

To apply for support, please contact us providing the following:

  1. The completed registration form for each camper for which you are requesting support
  2. A description of your financial situation, i.e., why you are requesting financial support
  3. The amount of financial support you need

If your need is not funding support, but rather support in flexibility with the timing of payments, or if support in the timing of payments helps reduce the amount of funding support you need, please let us know your situation. We are happy to help as we can.

We reply on a rolling basis as requests are received. Financial support is added after the deposit is received.

Please join us in thanking God for the faithful ministry partners whose generous gifts enable this support and help LuWiSoMo fulfill its mission of providing faith-growing opportunities for people of all ages in a Christ-centered outdoor ministry setting.