Camper Scholarships

Camp LuWiSoMo maintains a Camper Scholarship Fund to assist families that want to provide their child with a LuWiSoMo summer camp experience, but don’t have the financial resources to afford it.

It costs camp approximately $500 to host a child for a week of summer camp. Consider a gift to the Camper Scholarship Fund. Help bring a child to camp and enable them to encounter Christ and learn what it means to be a child of God!

Gifts can be made by check or credit / debit card.

  By Check
     Make check payable to “Camp LuWiSoMo”. Include a note indicating that your gift is for the Camper Scholarship Fund, and mail to:

            Camp LuWiSoMo
            W5421 Aspen Road
            Wild Rose, Wisconsin 54984

     By Credit Card
     Use our secure website or contact us and we can assist in processing the payment.
     If you use the online system, please also email or call to let us your gift is for the Camper Scholarship Fund.

For questions or assistance, please contact our Development Team. Thank you for being a ministry partner with your financial support!



Meet Deedee

Deedee was an eight year old first time camper. It was her first time away from family, first time out of the “big city,” and first time experience with daily devotions and prayer.

Within her first day at camp, Deedee was homesick. As her tears flowed, cabin mates offered hugs and encouraging words. Before bed the cabin counselor included Deedee in their prayers.

The next day went well for Deedee, but soon after supper her homesick feeling and tears returned. Again she received hugs and was included in prayer.

Day 3 was a turning point. At the evening campfire Deedee realized she wasn’t feeling homesick as she had the past two nights. One of her cabin mates noticed Deedee smiling and asked, “Aren’t you homesick tonight?” Deedee’s smile got bigger as she said, “No.” Her new friend replied, “And that’s how God answers prayer.”