Meet the Horses


Meet the Horses

Big Red | Blue Cow | Gidget  | Pie | Red |  Rocky | Mable


Big Red

Hello there! I’m Big Red. I am the gentle giant! I am a quiet guy who just loves people. I’m a 12-year-old mixed breed from Montana, out in the wild west. I even have a brand! I am a reining horse. If you like a big guy with a giant heart, please sponsor me!

Sponsorship:Big Red

Blue CowBlue Cow

Hi! My name is Blue Cow. Some people think I’m fifty percent Holstein, but I am simply a 12-year-old Paint Mare.  What’s special about me is that I have two blue eyes. I take it as a rare and beautiful trait. I am a very sweet girl, too. My pure joy in life is doing trail rides for all ages.  Please select me for a sponsorship.

Sponsorship:Blue Cow

Gidget  Gidget 2016-04

Hey y’all! I’m Gidget, a super sweet 12-year-old Paint Mare, and I love to be around people! I am blind in one eye from an accident when I was younger, but that doesn’t stop me from making kids and adults happy. I will always be there to meet you at the gate! I hope you have
the heart to sponsor me.



What is your favorite kind of pie? Pumpkin, apple, cherry? If you like pie, you have come to the right horse,
because my name is Pie! My registered name through the American Paint Horse Association is My Pie in the Sky. Does your grandma make pie? Well, I am a 23  year-old grandma myself, and I love my job giving rides. If you want a hard working, sweet-as-pie horse grandma, sponsor me!


Red Red

Hey Y’all! I am Red. Just plain Red. I am a 17 year-old Appaloosa Morgan mix gelding. I’ve been at Camp LuWiSoMo longer than any of the other horses, so I guess you could say I’m the grandpa of the stables, even though I’m not the oldest one here. This is my farm and I love it! All the kids and visitors love me for my good looks and great personality! Won’t you sponsor me?



Hello there! I’m called Rocky, or sometimes Rockford, but my registered name through the American Paint Horse Association is JBJ Bluer than Blue. I am a 15-year-old gelding. My eyes get real big at feeding time, because food is my favorite thing in the whole entire world! I use to be a barrel racing horse for a young child, but now I am a favorite horse here at LuWiSoMo! Please sponsor me!




Hey y’all!  I’m Mabel, the new kid on the block.  I’m a super quiet 15 year-old Appaloosa Mare.  I love to be around people. I have half a tongue from an old accident, but that doesn’t stop me from doing my best to please people. I’m really looking forward to meeting everybody at LuWiSoMo!