Camp LuWiSoMo History

LuWiSoMo Outdoor Ministry and Retreat Center began when a fifteen member Camp Committee purchased 340 acres of land from George Peacock for $60,000 in 1961.  An additional 80 acres was donated in 1968 to bring the total up to 420 acres.  The name, “LuWiSoMo,” was selected after a naming competition took place in the Lutheran schools.  The name stands for Lutheran Wisconsin South (District) Missouri (Synod).

In July of 1963, camp was officially dedicated and the first “Family Day” was celebrated the following year in 1964 when the Brakebush Brothers provided chicken for a large barbeque.

The old farm buildings soon began to be transformed.  The barn became a chapel, the horse barn a dormitory, and the machine shed a dining hall and kitchen.  The first cabins were built in 1966 and were later replaced from 2003 – 2005.  In 1988, the Harvey Krueger Center was built with a new dining hall attached to it in 2013 that can seat 280 people.  In 1998 the picnic shelter was added.

There have been seven different directors in the history of the camp starting with Ed Goetsch through Mike Stapleton.  Following a brief stint of the day-to-day operations being run by the Board of Directors, William Durling was named the new General Manager of camp on Dec. 12, 2013.

LuWiSoMo has a rich history and has touched many lives.  With God’s blessing, camp will continue to share God’s Word and His love to all who visit.

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